We are proud to raise Short Jack Russell Terriers

Full of Love & Energy

Shortie Jacks are fascinating little dogs who will steal your heart quickly.  They are energetic, fun and extremely smart dogs.   Our goal is to raise healthy puppies with pleasant dispositions.We also want to help dispel the myth that all Jack Russells are uncontrollable balls of energy.


The Perfect Companion

  Short Jack Russells, also called Russell Terriers, are not to be mistaken with Parson Jack Russell Terriers.  Short Jack Russell Terriers, are well-behaved and make excellent companions for people of all ages.  They love interaction with people and want to please their owners.


Raised At Home

Our puppies are raised at our home and are well socialized by the time they are ready to meet their new owners.  If you are considering getting a new pet, give Short Jack Russell Terriers some consideration.  Once people get a Short Jack they never go back to any other breed

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